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I recently  had the honor of photographing James and Curtis McMurtry, the immensely talented father and son folk-rock and Americana singer/songwriters. This was my second time photographing James, an Austin local, Continental Club fixture and son of Larry McMurtry, the American novelist, essayist, bookseller and screenwriter. Curtis, James’ son and Larry’s grandon, is following in his family footsteps of talented artists and wordsmiths, performing solo all over the country and with his band, God’s Chosen People, when he is back home in Austin. If you’re in New Orleans or Nashville in the next week, look for Curtis playing around town as he is performing along the way back to NYC where he is in his senior year at Sarah Lawrence. Here are some of my favorites from this shoot. Click on the image to view full size and as always, all images are © Heather Gallagher Photography.


This year I am pursuing a project that I didn’t realize I had started last year- photographing industry professionals in their spaces. I’ve always loved environmental portraiture and these last few months I have found myself a guest in some pretty cool work spaces, luckily with camera in hand. Yesterday, I did a ride along with my husband, who works for Austin Beerworks, to print proof the breweries Fire Eagle IPA cans at Crown Cork and Seal in Conroe, TX.  I love factories. I love watching raw materials be manipulated and turned into something entirely practical or fantastical- depending on your medium. Another thing I love is people who love what they do, and Dave, the quality control guy at CC&S does and was generous enough to show us around the facility and teach us how massive sheets of 100% recycled aluminum become the cans that house the many beverages we know and love. Here are some images from that tour- click on images to view full size. 130103_Crown_CorkandSeal_triptic01blog










A few new portraits for the new year. Happy 2013 everyone – it’s gonna be a great year!



It was a cold day this past Sunday but Diana was a champ, as always. Here’s some of my favorite from our recent shoot at week 30.




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