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Rob & Emily are such a great couple. They are incredibly strong individuals that shine so bright on their own, and when they come together, their love is tangible and enviable. When I photographed Rob before the ceremony, he hadn’t seen Emily yet. I asked him how he was feeling and he. could. not. stop. smiling. Just the mention of her name and he was grinning ear to ear like a (handsome) fool. He told me that Emily actually warned him not to smile too hard while she came down to aisle because she was afraid she would lose it if he did. The top image is him working on controlling his smile. What a problem to have!


Austin Wedding Photographer

Emily was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. I mean, look at this dress…. it was meant for her!

Austin Wedding Photographer, the vVista at Seward Hall

These are my favorite portraits of Rob & Emily, right after the ceremony, at sunset, overlooking the hill country.

Heather Gallagher is an Austin Wedding Photographer RobEmilyPortraits2

Rob & Emily’s Wedding Party consisted of family members and close friends from all parts of their lives. When I asked Emily and her Maid of Honor, Sara how long they had known each other, this is the look they exchanged before saying “forever”. This is why I love shooting weddings so much. It’s the one day where all your loved ones who helped make you who you are take the next step with you. There are so many stories to tell.WeddingParty_BlogBoard

There were threats of torrential rain leading up to Sunday, but the weather held out and Emily & Rob were married under the most beautiful overcast sky with abnormally lovely Austin temperatures.
Emily’s mother beams throughout the procession and Emily not only keeps her composure but looks stunning as she is escorted by her father down the aisle.

As a photographer, I love being invited into the little bubble that people create. It’s such an intimate space to work in and the images I get most excited about are the ones where the subject(s) are caught in a private moment that I’ve been given the honor of preserving. EmilyDadDanceFirstDanceReception_01

If a mans relationship with his Grandmother is any indication of what kind of husband he will be, then I believe Emily has struck gold. I mean…. Reception_02Reception_03Reception_04Reception_05RobMomDance

Taking care of all kinds of business. #heathergallagherphotography #ldb

Sep 05, 2014
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I meant to post this the other day….. but ironically got too busy doing a bazillion other things. Reading this gave me the shift in focus I needed to pull myself out of that stay at home momma vs.small business owner struggle I’ve been in where I don’t just feel like I’m not doing enough.. but that I’m not enough. That’s a really ugly place to live in and it’s so easy to slip back there at any time so I was grateful to come across this post when I did. So if you’re an overwhelmed momma who needs some encouragement or know someone who is (hint- all moms fit this bill), please read/share this lovely post below.

And now, I’m going to try to finish retouching in my vomit covered clothes before the baby wakes up. And if he wakes up before I’m done, that’s cool, too. 

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