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Bullock + Gallagher = Bullogher, get it?!

It’s rare that I get an entire day alone with my three favorite guys in the entire world, my husband Tim, my son Lee and the best dog that has ever lived, Hugo.

Tim works a lot and when we are lucky enough to have him at home, there is a lot of catching up that needs to happen: baby cuddles, sleep, cleaning and yes, tv. Yesterday, after copious amounts of morning baby cuddles, we were able to get our acts together (aka abandon the sink full of dishes and baskets of laundry) to take some holiday family portraits because holy crap it’s almost Christmas?! I know, I know, it looks way more fall like than wintery (and felt way more wintery than fall like), but I have completely given up on Austin’s idea of seasons so these are our “Christmas” portraits as we absolutely do not have our acts together enough to have a tree or decorations up!

Hugo’s official hashtag is #hugothewonderpup (check him out on instagram!) and it’s no surprise why. Even before Lee came around, he was the most loyal companion but ever since he’s been a big brother, he has been pulling double duty as best dog ever and baby body guard. There was no waving of the treats over the camera to get him to look necessary in this shot, Hugo is like a bouncer at the door and it seems he’s even checking my ID. Austin kids and pet photographer

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Austin Family Photographer

As a photographer, I almost never have any photos of myself  but I’m lucky enough to have a husband who will take the camera from me so that I can exist in these pictures with Lee. Even though he’s mean muggin, any picture of me and Lee is a favorite of mine.
Hyde Park Austin Family Photographer Austin Lifestyle PhotographerHappy Holidays from our family to yours!

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