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I am so excited to finally announce what I’ve been working on for so long, my year long subscription package!

I’ve been doing an unofficial version of this for some time now, documenting a family multiple times over the course of a year or multiple years. I absolutely love it. It is literally my life’s work and passion. With increased requests, I’ve decided to formalize it to streamline everything for everybody. It’s a series of pre determined and floating portrait sessions to comprehensively document your family, at whatever stage they are in, over a year. The progression of time and how small, subtle changes can transform a person has always fascinated me. And of course, since becoming a mother, I’ve been equally obsessed and horrified with how much kids grow.

There’s a maternity to first birthday package called “the third, fourth & fifth trimester” and one for families with children of any age. Availability is limited so book now!
A year of portraits
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