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This was such a fun shoot, y’all. I love, love, love capturing all the milestones in my clients’ lives and this was such a sweet one. Millie Ruth is transitioning over to her big girl room and, yea, it’s a pretty big deal.

I can remember picking out the girliest, most cotton candy-like pink paint for my room and literally squealing when the first stroke hit the wall. Sleep overs with my cousins on my trundle bed were under Beauty and the Beast sheets and Strawberry Shortcake Comforter, staying up way too late talking about who knows what (I would love a transcript from 1989 between 4 girls ages 4-7) and when we woke up, my dad would have a huge box of Dunkin’ Donuts waiting downstairs. Mine was always pink frosting with sprinkles.

What I remember the most though, like, in my bones, was feeling that this was my corner of the world where my thoughts and secrets were safe. This is where I wrote in my diary, said my crush’s names out loud because I liked how they sounded.This is where I prayed, danced and sang my little heart out to Toni Braxton to the patient audience of my mom and dad (thank goodness my mom is deaf). This room was where I got to try out different versions of me (like that one week I went goth or when I attempted dreads) to see what stuck. This room was where I became who I am.

And now, as a parent, when I think about what this transition means…. ahh, I’m crying. It’s overwhelming. We build our nests for our babies first in our bellies and then in their nurseries (remember how strong that pull was when you were pregnant and nesting?). And then before we know it, we start the process of pushing our baby out of the proverbial nest so they can, well, fly.
Here are my favorites of Millie girl and her sweet momma, Ashley, in their new world. May you own your space so you can own yourself.

Millie in her big girl room



















When you’re pregnant with your first, the concept of having this new person in your life forever is a big one to try to wrap your head around and it’s rare we know exactly when this new roommate will arrive. In the case of Amanda and David, when I arrived for their maternity session on a saturday morning they let me know that they were scheduled to deliver their baby the following monday so this was their last weekend together as just the two of them. This made the portrait session all the more special and to top it off, we shot at their new home which is another exciting accomplishment! I love that Amanda suggested shooting at their neighborhood playground where all too soon they will be taking their babe all the time. I love environmental portraits like these because they serve as time capsules and are so wonderful to look back on when you find yourself further in the future sooner than you ever thought possible.

Congratulations Amanda & David, I can’t wait to meet your little one!

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Austin Family Photographer

Austin Family Photographer

Austin Family Photographer

Austin Family Photographer

Austin Family Photographer

Austin Family Photographer


I recently made a post about Curtis McMurtry, Son of Americana singer/songwriter and Austin local, James McMurtry (who I’ve also had the pleasure of photographing) and grandson of screen writer and Oscar winner, Larry McMurtry, and how his career has continued to take off since I worked with him last year. Well, he passed thru Austin recently while on tour and I’m happy to say I had the chance to work with him again on some promotional portraits. Here are some of my favorites.


When we were setting up this shot on a quiet Austin morning, I wasn’t quite sure if using his Toyota Corolla, which he called “not very romantic” made sense. But then he opened up the back door to put his banjo away and a box of his new cd’s that were sitting on top of his many instrument cases and other on the road musician essentials, came tumbling out. Maybe it made me nostalgic for the days when I lived out of my car (a Geo Metro with the windows stuck open) when shooting on assignment, but there was something very romantic about it to me. If you haven’t heard Curtis’ music before, I recommend you check it out. He has a new album out and he’s on tour throughout the mid west as we speak, just him and his Toyota Corolla.

Austin Musician Photographer

Heather Gallagher, Austin Musician Photographer, shoots on location  in natural light I photographed Curtis McMurtry last year and in the time between then and now, his career has really exploded. He has a new album out that I highly recommend and last night he debuted on “Mountain Stage” with the likes of Norah Jones, Blake MIlls and other great American Music Artists. You can see my portrait and read more about him here.


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