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This is Ellie and she is my boy’s favorite girl in the world (aside from me, I think) and I can completely see why. She’s a pro dancer, truly funny and as sweet as tutus and tea parties.
I was so excited when I was invited to take her and her new brother’s portraits for a Father’s Day surprise and when Lee saw that she lived in my camera and computer he just about died. Here are some of my favorites from this sweet documentary session.


Austin's Premiere Kids Photographer

Austin's Premiere Lods Photographer
Austin's Premiere Lods Photographer

Austin's Premiere Lods Photographer
Austin's Premiere Lods Photographer Austin's Premiere Lods Photographer
Austin's Premiere Lods Photographer
Austin's Premiere Lods Photographer

Ties are cool and all but a timeless portrait is well, timeless. Book your Father’s Day mini session now and save 20% on a future 1 or 2 hour family portrait session!

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Round_Rock_Family_Photographer_0087 Dandy_Rosé_Release_LenoirHeather Gallagher Photography mini sessions are perfect for any occasion! Heather Gallagher Photography mini sessions are perfect for any occasion! Heather Gallagher Photography mini sessions are perfect for any occasion! This past week, Lee and I visited my childhood home in Maryland where my parents, who are first time Grandparents, proceeded to smother him in love and I finally didn’t have to hold my pee for upwards of 3 hours. WIN WIN! Here are some of my favorites of said Grandparents getting their smother on.Austin Birth Photographer

Here’s an interesting blog post from a fellow birth photographer that sheds some light into the value of professional birth photography. All too often, birth photographers, including myself, will miss out on jobs because a potential client is looking for the lowest price out there. Well, with that low price usually comes low quality- it’s the best example of getting what you pay for. Read on to learn what goes into our service rates and why. You might just realize you’re getting a bargain.

A week ago, Ariston Ellis Golden was born, and it was awesome. This little man kept us all on our toes anticipating his arrival; he was predicted to come early but instead arrived a day after his original due date. How eerily accurate! I was so honored to be there and to document this most important day, and everyone sure made it really easy on me! Nichole, Ariston’s bad ass momma, was so calm and collected the whole time and new Poppa Will was solid as a rock by Nichole’s side. It was also a beautiful, unseasonably warm January day in Austin.  Ariston came into the world at 2:01 pm on January 15 at St. David’s hospital after a very brief and graceful labor and he could not be more loved by his new parents.

As a birth photographer, I’ve been present for a number of births  but now that I am expecting (and soon), I was absolutely overwhelmed with how amazing life is. This came in the form of big, sloppy, blur your viewfinder tears.

Congratulations, Nichole & Will and welcome to the world, baby Ariston!!

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