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Here’s an interesting blog post from a fellow birth photographer that sheds some light into the value of professional birth photography. All too often, birth photographers, including myself, will miss out on jobs because a potential client is looking for the lowest price out there. Well, with that low price usually comes low quality- it’s the best example of getting what you pay for. Read on to learn what goes into our service rates and why. You might just realize you’re getting a bargain.


Father’s Day is right around the corner. Book your family portrait session by June 3rd and get two additional files to print, share and cherish forever- free!


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Mother’s Day sessions valid from 5/12-5/24/13 (Hey, I’ve been out of town all week, who’s gonna care that it’s after Mother’s Day)??

Follow up session valid up to 6 months from Mother’s Day session (hint hint, think Father’s Day).

Payment for both sessions due upfront at the time of booking.



If you haven’t been there already, make it your beeswax to go to Bryce Canyon at least once in your life. I’ve traveled a lot in my short time on Earth and would argue that Bryce Canyon is a fierce contender for a spot on the list of the Seven Wonders of the World, of which, I have seen two. No where has ever made me feel so small (in a good way) and so much a citizen of Earth. It was truly humbling to be in the presence of such beauty. I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but it was overwhelming to stand at what feels like the edge of the world and just imagine what this land has witnessed and lived thru. As if this visit couldn’t have been more amazing, I got to spend it with one of my best friends and favorite people in the world which made the 8 hours of driving on 1 hour of sleep not just less painful but a memorable adventure. Here are my favorites from that trip- thank you, Jannelle for the “behind the scenes” photos of me taking photos. If not for these, I may have thought I dreamt the whole thing. Click the image for full size and as always, all images ©Heather Gallagher Photography. If you like what you see, these images and more are available for purchase at my etsy shop!130404_Utah_0001130404_Utah_0004



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